From her sorrowing husband….

Annie  Meet Annie.  She has one of the most impressive memorials I have ever seen.  Whenever I visit this churchyard I always have to pop by for a quick visit.  I have to say though that the first time I saw her she did make me jump! The workmanship is so amazing and lifelike it is almost like Annie is actually there staring mournfully at you.

Annie was born in London in late November 1835, the eldest child and only daughter of Jonathan and his wife Sophia. The family owned a fabric wholesale business, dealing in cotton, silk and woollen materials. Annie lived for most of her life in London, although had a house in the country with her husband. They had no surviving children.

Annie died in 1887 aged 52. She had travelled to Bath in Somerset, England, a place renown for helping to cure various ailments. The waters there were taken by people hoping to regain their health. It was visited by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen amongst many other people. I wonder if Annie had gone there because of some illness and sadly not recovered .

I think that this beautiful memorial to her must be based on an earlier painting, Perhaps painted for her marriage when she was 27. Her husband  commissioned this lasting effigy to his beloved wife, he never remarried .